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In our Gallery, we would like you to view some of the jobs, we have done, as well as give some different designs ideas of space, alongside showing some stages in the construction process, in addition help recognize the different ways to utilize space in your home, and at the same time, how you can use the space better, looking over the pictures, you can see we are showing duct work to frame around, and in another a plumbing stack, in most cases in basement development, in general, most rough-In for mechanical is placed poorly.  

For this reason, MD-Drywall started using steel to frame around duct work, and plumbing to build bulkheads, it’s a great material to utilize space, as a result with steel, you can get closer too rough-in then wood, because of the woods stud dimensions, and the way you need to construct the material. 

In fact you can't do it with wood materials, unlike you can do with steel, you lose space! and everyone wants more space, especially with ceiling heights in a lot of basements at 8ft, in this case we have a fighting chance to maximize ceiling heights, moreover we also use steel on the back side of stairs for drywall backing, and building bulkhead on the underside of stairwell landings, the steel used is only 7/8 of an inch and strong cause of its shape. We always use wood for framing walls in development, indeed steel is a great way to deal with all the bulkheads, and some other issues.     


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