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MD-Drywall Incorporated offers a wide range of Construction and Interior Design Services for Homeowners in Airdrie and surrounding areas. Including Crossfield, Carstairs, Didsbury, Cochrane and Calgary. We offer a one-year warranty for all materials and labor. 

Our Team can assist you with the following Services and tasks:

  • Attic Blow-In for New Construction or Top-Up To Increase R-Value
  • Drywall Boarding and Taping Finishing
  • Home Renovations
  • Insulation or Spray Foam 2 Lbs. Close Cell and 1/2 Lbs. (Foam With Thermal Application)
  • Touch-Ups
  • Level-5 Smooth Ceilings
  • Professional Interior Design Consulting
  • Repairs
  • Restoration
  • Wood and Steel-Stud Framing Installation
  • Texturing and Sanding Ready for Prime

New Construction Services

Our Process

Construction Drywall Process:

  • Insulation
  • Boarding
  • Taping
  • Texturing Ceilings
A house with some drawings of the inside and outside.

We provide Drywall Services for New Construction. With the knowledge of over 30 years' experience in all aspects of the industry, including batt insulation and attic blow-in, we also provide ½ lbs. and 2 lbs. Spray foam, among the other services are boarding, taping, texture, sanding, priming, touch-ups. 

If the customer would like further services on the finishing aspects, please consult with the owners of MD-Drywall for pricing. We believe that strong trade partner relationships are the power of any company. 

Our Company wants our customers to be satisfied with our services provided, by building a responsible relationship throughout the project. Next, we can guide the customer on specifications that are best suited for their building needs. At the same time, we can plan out a schedule that works for everyone and assist the customers with decisions on their construction project. In the event that the customer knows everything they want for specifications, we will price accordingly to their specifications. And after the customer agrees with their quote, and provides their signed approval, we will proceed with their project. 

Basement Developments & Renovations Services
basement with first coat of mud

Our Team at MD-Drywall Incorporated work with our customers to help you make the most out of your Basement Developments and/or home renovations. From assisting with placement of the corner bead or the type of texture to use on your ceiling, where or what should be painted, plus picking the best primer for the job application, we can help you with these little details to achieve the best result. We work hard with our customers to respect your budget and achieve our standard of quality with your image in mind for your project completion. We also offer Design services that include the layout of your floorplan and selection of materials required for the completion of your basement development or home renovation. It is important to build and maintain a good working relationship between MD-Drywall and our customers in order to achieve the ideal design they have in mind.



No matter what you are dealing with, MD-Drywall can help! We have the knowledge to make your space great again! And with a little imagination you will see what can be done! We can work with your needs and give you some ideas for your project.

Sometimes things go wrong and you need to rebuild. Maybe water damage from Mother Nature, or you just want to renovate your whole house, or develop your unfinished basement. MD-Drywall can help you make the most of your space.

MD-Drywall has provided help to many customers to improve the over-all value of their home and to bring it up to date on energy efficiency and aesthetic appearance.

Our Team can help you conserve space by planning the best ways to place those bulkheads for covering plumbing or heat runs and to give the best visual appeal for the space.

Drywall Repair Services You Never Know What Can Happen

When you need some Drywall Repair services in your home, MD-Drywall can help. We have years of experience with all types of repairs from water damage to fire damage and anything in between. Sometimes it's texture repairs or insulation repairs. That's the thing, you never plan on these things, but they happen, we can help to fine the source of the problem with your insulation and fix it or repair walls in your home or business maybe you need a wall moved, we can help with that too, just contact us. 

Our company has created a comprehensive guide to the drywall construction process. Here, we provide a timeline of events to help our clients understand what occurs during this procedure and how long such projects are expected to last. Our services include: 

  • Delivery of Insulation Materials (1 Day)
  • Insulation Installation (1–2 Days on Average)
  • Delivery of Drywall (1 Day)
  • Installation of Drywall Board (2–3 Days on Average)
  • Taping and Finishing (5 –7 Days)
  • Texture Installation (1 Day)
  • Sanding and Construction Clean-Up To Prep for Priming (Within 1 Day)
  • Priming for Paint (1–2 Days)
  • Touch-Ups (2 Days)
  • And more
Residential Drywall services for new construction

Timeframes may vary depending on the size and details of your project. Basements require more drying time since it is harder for moisture to escape due to the presence of concrete and the lack of windows.

Average Timeline for Drywall Construction

A room being remodeled with white walls and ceiling.

We can install attic top-ups designed to increase the R‑value of your home. Our Team can also spray foam to basement rim joists, forming a proper air barrier and enhancing the heat loss capacity of the area around a building’s foundation.

Attic Top‑Ups and Spray Foams

A person is holding a foam gun and filling gap around door.

Staple holes and other minor damages may be caused by covering walls with poly sheets during the priming process. However, our Team is prepared to repair these small dents. We will also strive to limit the dust brought about by drywall procedures.

Fixing Staple Holes and Minimizing Dust

A room with walls being remodeled with exposed ceiling.

Now that 98% of the job is finished, your project is finally ready for touch-ups, which may be done immediately after priming or once the wood is finished. The advantage of waiting for the latter is that all trade damage will already be fixed. Depending on the size of your job, 20–25 dings (for a basement) or 30–40 dents (for a house) are acceptable. You may incur extra charges if your trade damage exceeds these numbers.


Educated Choices

At MD-Drywall Incorporated we believe helping educate people about the drywall construction stage is important to our business and to help get the best results for our Customers Projects. When the drywall stages are broken down there is more to it than most people realize. 


Look for a contractor in the area, read reviews about their previous work, and ask them about their procedure. They should have a clear vision of how they would approach your project and should be able to give you all the options to achieve your goals.

Once you have supplied your contractor with pertinent information, you should receive a quote in point form detailing the specs, scope of work, and inclusion or exclusion of materials.

Contractors may ask for a deposit, but we advise you to withhold payment until the materials are on-site and work has commenced.

Accurate estimates are often measured on-site. Before your contractor starts preparing your quote, make sure to provide the necessary project specifications, including the following details:

  • The most accurate estimate is to measure on-site.
  • If you need to send plans make sure you send all specs for project.
  • Provide all details of your job.
  • What Attic R-Value and Wall R-Value you need. Or if you want Foam Insulation and location.
  • What Texture type you would like.
  • What ceilings you want ready for paint.
  • What Bead type you are looking for. Ie. Square or round bead.
  • What rooms need sound proofing. If any.
  • What type of drywall is required for behind tubs or showers? M2, DensShield or Concrete board? Plans don’t always make it clear what type of tubs or showers are being installed.

When you receive your quote, you should see your name, address, and date when the estimate was issued. It must also contain a complete breakdown of the scope of work and the specs of your project.

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Contact our Team for further questions, comments, or concerns about our services. We look forward to helping you complete your construction and interior design projects.