Advantages Of Using Steel Stud Framing

  • Did you notice the steel around that dropped bulkhead?
    Not only are steel studs slightly smaller than wood 2″ x 4″ studs, they also will not warp, expand or contract, shrink, split, etc..
    Now with that in mind, how do you feel now about your bulkheads and /or basement ceiling?
  • Think about your smooth ceilings with recessed potlights in your basement rec room, your warped wood studs would be hard to hide across a smooth ceiling of drywall.
  • Waves in your ceiling would be avoidable, if you used steel studs for framing.
  • Using Steel Studs around your Hvac and awkward staircase ceilings also gives you more overall space.
A pipe that is sitting in the middle of a room.
<em>awkward piping in basement<em>
  • This is a really great example in a basement of where using steel studs to frame around these plumbing pipes would help condense the space used by traditional wood framing.
  • You could probably cut down 6″ possibly as much as 1′ of space otherwise intruding into your bathroom or rec room.
A bunch of pipes that are in the air
<em>Framing around Hvac pipes<em>
  • Check out those cumbersome Hvac pipes! Now who doesn’t have these in their basement.
  • If not done correctly, a lot of homeowners will end up with HUGE bulkheads in their basements, sometimes too many!
  • Steel studs tuck nicely underneath, again reducing the size of your bulkheads. Compact!
A room with many wooden beams and metal bars.
<em>Steel Stud Framing<em>
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